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Today is World Mental Health Day and I'm pleased that so far I've heard and read mentions of it in some of the press. As I believe that every thought, feeling or emotion that we experience at a subconscious level manifests itself somehow in our physical body, the importance of mental health can't be stressed enough (no pun intended). It is not enough to look after our physical health if we neglect our emotional well-being as I firmly believe that there is a massive mind body connection.

What is the quickest way to achieve peace of mind? Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis is, in my opinion, the quickest way to release any unwanted negative thoughts, feelings or emotions to achieve emotional health.

No doubt today many people will be searching World Mental Health Day on the net, some of you reading this may have stumbled across this post whilst surfing, but how many mentions of hypnotherapy are there? Not many.

There will be plenty of references to “coping techniques” but that is something I don't really agree with because I can't see the point. If I've got a gas leak I don't want to be told to open my windows, I want the cause found and fixed, and that same philosophy of “find the cause and fix it” is what I practise in my work.

I feel that the issuing of anti-depressants as a first resort, some of which were recently proven to be as effective as a placebo pill, is one of the greatest scandals of this modern time. How many people are told that it may take 2 years to come off them when they are prescribed? And what is the point if they just mask the cause so that when someone does come off them, the original cause of the depression is still there? I believe that depression causes a chemical imbalance in our bodies, conventional medical practitioners believe that a chemical imbalance causes the depression. There is a massive difference. I believe that if we feel good mentally, emotionally and spiritually this will absolutely be reflected in our physical body.

Another bone of contention that I have is with the established counselling/psychiatric belief that someone has to “talk” about their issue twice a week for many years to overcome it and/or be plied full of drugs to help them cope. What about dropping old unhelpful beliefs in a matter of minutes rather than years, wouldn't that be better? Of course it would and that is what I aim to help people do.

It is great that mental health is getting a mention but I would urge anyone to consider using hypnotherapy as a first resort, not a last one. Generally, the people that I work with for longer than others are the people that have previously been down the counselling route, purely because they take longer to accept that as humans we can make incredible changes to our emotional health and well-being very quickly. After seeing someone weekly for several years and then being told by me that I could help in a matter of minutes or hours, it seems to take them a bit longer to realise their own potential, I have to help people unlearn the fact that they have to rely on others and that every resource that they could ever want or need is in them already. From the moment someone walks through my office door I effectively help them to realise that they don't need to see me!

Please feel free to click on my website link below and give me a call to discuss how I could help you. Speak to me first then phone some counsellors/CBT'ers and notice the difference in our approaches.

Live, love, laugh and be happy, it really is much easier that you think.

Dave Sabat.

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Dave Sabat
My name's Dave Sabat DCH DHP SQHP and I am a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be happy, it's easier than you think.

Published by Dave Sabat

My name's Dave Sabat DCH DHP SQHP and I am a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be happy, it's easier than you think.

One reply on “World Mental Health Day – Hypnotherapy Hypnosis”

  1. i Agree with Dave. As he says, the quickest way a person can get relieved from stress or tension is by means of Hypnotherapy.
    It's not important that a person is physically fit, but he has to be mentally fit also. Hypnotherapy helps in such processes.
    Great Article.

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