Drugs to erase memories – memory erasing drugs.

This week has seen the announcement that a team of Dutch researchers have used beta-blocker drugs to erase the negative emotions connected to certain memories. This has raised a lot of questions about it's moral and ethical usage.

I'm sure that this has been mentioned on the TV before, about a year ago, but perhaps it is only in the news now because it made it to the pages of Nature Neuroscience.

How have they done this? By giving people mild electric shocks when shown a picture of a spider, then giving them the beta-blockers and noticing a marked decrease in how startled the people were when shown the pictures of a spider.

Am I the only person on this planet to think that maybe they were a bit calmer because they weren't being given an electric shock? Could this be anything to do with it? Wow, it must be me being silly and missing the point!

How long before Big Pharma, who are already rubbing their hands with glee, get the go-ahead to mass produce pills that can be taken to apparently erase bad memories, or at least the reaction to the bad memory. Would the pill get approval based on this test of 60 people? I wouldn't bet against it.

But, how would anyone know what the “user” was focusing their thought on at that time. What if people forgot, or felt no emotional attachment, that baked beans come in a tin, or to look before crossing a road, or to wear clothes to work, or to take care when using a drill? The list goes on and on.

Why use drugs to achieve this? Who would take drugs that affect blood pressure to deal with a mental issue? What then is the alternative?

How about a method that was drug free, that could pinpoint an emotional memory, could help to overcome any negative emotions attached to specific memories or events and that was totally safe and natural? How about hypnotherapy, but not all hypnotherapy?

Many hypnotherapists, and especially NLP'ers and cognitive hypnotherapists, place no focus on what caused the negative associations, they just ask you to “put your fears in a box” etc without any regard to the initial sensitising event that caused the issue in the first place. While this may be successful in some circumstances it is nowhere as successful as finding the cause and fixing it which is exactly what I do with many emotional issues. Find the cause and fix it. If I've got a gas leak I don't want to be told to open my windows (coping or “in a box” techniques), I want the gas leak fixed. Find the cause and fix it.

This “find the cause and fix it” hypnotherapy method works in exactly the same way as the drug inducing method by utilising the neuroplasticity of the human brain, but, hypnotherapy is safe and drug free. I would be happy to work with anyone that wanted to compare the drug method with pure hypnosis to confirm that the long term benefits are just as, if not more, effective. But how would multi-national drug companies earn from this? They wouldn't, that's why no-one would take up the challenge.

If you have a fear or phobia, find the cause and fix it. If you feel depressed, find the cause and fix it. If you feel anxious, find the cause and fix it. If you feel that you are punishing yourself with drugs or alcohol, find the cause and fix it. Let me help you.

If you want to find the reason why you think, feel or act in a negative why, then give me a call on 01923 243 500. Do it now.

Be happy, and if possible, drug free,

Dave Sabat.

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Dave Sabat
My name's Dave Sabat DCH DHP SQHP and I am a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be happy, it's easier than you think.

Published by Dave Sabat

My name's Dave Sabat DCH DHP SQHP and I am a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be happy, it's easier than you think.