Jack Dee – Hypnotherapy Cured Depression

by Dave Sabat on October 2, 2012

British comedian Jack Dee recently discussed in The Daily Telegraph about how he overcame depression using hypnotherapy. “I was on various anti-depressants, but not for long – I didn’t function very well on them. I felt sort of flattened out. Plus I found another way…” He trails off. And that was? “Hypnotherapy.”

Hang on. Airy-fairy hypnotherapy? “It’s very good. I mean it’s only really talking. I always think of it as being a bit like a brain massage. It just sort of resets you. Sometimes you have to switch the computer on and turn it back off again. I try and do it once a month and no more, because you can end up depending on things. I don’t want to come off stage and think I did a good gig just because I was wearing red socks. Life would become intolerable.”

Read the full Daily Telegraph article here.

I love the idea of hypnotherapy being a “brain massage” and, effectively, that’s what it is. When I work with my clients we always deal with the essential work first and then we get to the optional stage which, of course, is optional. A once a month visit falls in to that category, optional, but the benefits can be tremendous.

If you want to invest in yourself for a change, give me a call.

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Dave Sabat
My name's Dave Sabat DCH DHP SQHP and I am a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist. Be happy, it's easier than you think.
Dave Sabat Dave Sabat October 22, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Hypnosis – like spraying WD40 on a rusty bolt! Ian, I like it. I don’t think it’ll catch on but I like it! Thanks for visiting, Dave.

Ian Walshaw October 11, 2012 at 5:15 pm

I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I like the idea of a brain massage but when a client is stuck in a state such as depression I often describe what I do as spraying WD40 on a rusty bolt.
But all metaphors are good.


Ian Walshaw

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