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NHS Drug Free Hernia Operation (Only Hypnosis) – Big Thanks.

by Dave Sabat 19 December 2012

Yesterday (18th December 2012) a para-umbilical hernia repair was carried out at Watford General Hospital as part of the normal NHS routine. The thing that made this different was that it was me being operated on and I didn’t have any drugs. No general or local anaesthetic. The only pain medication was my mind because […]

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NHS should offer hypnosis as standard says new report

by Dave Sabat 23 October 2012

Hypnosis should become a standard technique on the NHS to treat a range of conditions according to a new report. The hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine section of the Royal Society of Medicine says the technique can be used to relieve pain and treat stress related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. See the BBC article […]

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Nescafe Hypnotist – Brilliant TV Advert

by Dave Sabat 15 October 2012

This is a delightful TV advert that us finger snappers will really appreciate. It works on so many levels when you consider the product and the message. I’d actually say that it’s one of the best ads I’ve seen and certainly one of the very few that blatantly uses hypnosis as its basis. Would you […]

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Jack Dee – Hypnotherapy Cured Depression

by Dave Sabat 2 October 2012

British comedian Jack Dee recently discussed in The Daily Telegraph about how he overcame depression using hypnotherapy. “I was on various anti-depressants, but not for long – I didn’t function very well on them. I felt sort of flattened out. Plus I found another way…” He trails off. And that was? “Hypnotherapy.” Hang on. Airy-fairy […]

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Pessimistic French rediscover their prophet of positive thinking, Emile Coue.

by Dave Sabat 6 August 2012

The notoriously gloomy French are turning to their bastion of optimism, Emile Coue, to pull themselves out of their economic funk. Every hypnotherapist out there will know of Emile Coue. His belief in the healing effect of willpower originated by accident. He had run out of medicine, gave a patient a bottle of water instead, and […]

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Hypnosis is no laughing matter – The Observer July 2012

by Dave Sabat 27 July 2012

Long derided as a tool of quacks and comedians, the science of suggestibility is enjoying a revival as a clinical tool. In recent years, hypnosis has seen something of a rebirth, and neuroscience studies using the technique are now regularly published in some of the most respected scientific journals. Neuroimaging has also proved key in […]

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Olympian Michael Johnson talks about handling pressure.

by Dave Sabat 2 May 2012

Sports Performance Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is what I do. It makes the visualisation process that Michael Johnson talks about very quick and powerful, in fact it’s probably the fastest way to increase your mental performance. So how does it work? In a nutshell, we are creatures of belief and habit. Our conscious mind doesn’t do […]

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Eddie Nestor Hypnotherapy with Dave Sabat on BBC Radio London

by Dave Sabat 20 April 2012

Eddie Nestor recently invited me on his BBC Radio London Rum Shop Show to talk about the power of the mind, hypnotherapy & hypnosis and how it could help him overcome his “petrified” nerves about completing The London Marathon 2012. We had a great chat and you can listen to the broadcast on the following link: […]

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Watch Hypnosurgery of a live hernia operation.

by Dave Sabat 28 March 2012

Hypnosurgery Live. A live television broadcast in Britain (April 2006) demonstrates the latent power and potential of the human mind. A man has a hernia repaired in his stomach without the use of any pain removing drugs whatsoever. For many, many years hypnosis has been used to help people have surgical procedures carried out without the […]

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Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher turns to hypnosis.

by Dave Sabat 29 February 2012

Darren Fletcher, the Manchester United midfielder, has revealed that he has tried “everything under the sun”, including hypnotherapy, in his attempt to recover from a chronic bowel condition. Telegraph article here I wish him every success. The mind/body connection has been used for thousands of years to help improve our mental and physical health and […]

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Hypnosis shown to improve the quality of life for dementia sufferers.

by Dave Sabat 5 December 2011

A scientist at the University of Liverpool has found that hypnosis can slow down the impacts of dementia and improve quality of life for those living with the condition. See the article Dr Dan Nightingale, co-author of the research and leading dementia consultant at the Abacus Clinic in Newark, added: ‘Evidence to date has shown […]

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Hypnotist arrested after using witchcraft on 41 children.

by Dave Sabat 1 December 2011

There are numerous misconceptions about hypnosis & hypnotherapy and what they really are. Sometimes I hold my head in my hands and say to myself “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear” when I see some stories in the news. This is one of those stories. Hypnotist arrested after using witchcraft on children. Please believe me […]

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Hypnosis is dangerous and illegal in the wrong hands.

by Dave Sabat 18 July 2011

Hypnosis should only be used by licensed medical professionals. This means that only doctors and psychiatrists should be able to use the incredible powers of hypnosis. In the wrong hands it can be a dangerous and, in some cases, illegal practice. Fortunately, a video clip of some unauthorised and illegal use of hypnosis has surfaced and […]

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Why the “Martians” were happily stuck in a trance.

by Dave Sabat 7 June 2011

“Three Martains left in a trance” makes a great headline and creates a lot of publicity for the stage hypnotist involved but were they really “stuck” in hypnosis? No, of course they weren’t. The answer is in the article (click here for the full piece) which states “We asked them if they knew what had […]

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Mr Universe trains his mind as well as his body

by Dave Sabat 1 April 2011

Neale Cranwell, Mr Universe and Mr World (World Class bodybuilder), has recently started to enjoy the benefits of training his mind with sports hypnosis before he embarks on his first year on the pro-circuit which means entering (and going there to win!) events around the world. Neale regularly appears on The Active Channel and is the […]

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BBC Late Kick Off Brentford Goalkeeper Richard Lee – Sports Hypnosis

by Dave Sabat 18 January 2011

BBC Late Kick Off recently featured Brentford Goalkeeper Richard Lee singing the praises of sports hypnosis after working with me. Chappers interviewed Richard and saw a session in action. Catch the episode quickly on BBC iPlayer What is hypnosis and what does it involve? Hypnosis is the quickest way of installing new habits and beliefs with […]

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BBC Local News London & South East Hypnosis Hypnotherapist.

by Dave Sabat 17 January 2011

I was featured on the BBC Regional News programme today showing the work I’ve done with professional goalkeeper Richard Lee (Brentford). If I can help you in any way, give me a call on 01923 243 500. You can keep up to date with the latest hypnotherapy info on any of the links below: Hypnosis […]

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I used to have a fear of flying…

by Dave Sabat 2 December 2010

I received a postcard recently. “Dear Dave, Did not want to chance posting this from Cuba as you may never have received it. I had a fantastic holiday, the first in years that I actually enjoyed and relaxed as I was not uptight the whole time worrying about the flight home! All my fears of flying have […]

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