Hypnotherapy works – The mind can heal your body.

There is an absolute mind/body connection, of this I am certain. Michael Hanlon recently wrote a great article about how powerful the connection is, probably the most sensible writings I've seen about the subject for a long time. Yes, the power of the mind can heal your body Be happy, believe it and you will […]

Hypnosis Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Ever thought about what a hypno-diet is? And, does it work? In the papers this week was the story about a woman who had five sessions of hypnotherapy in which she was hypnotised to believe that she had undergone an operation to fit a gastric band. After the hypnosis she lost four stone. Part of the “procedure” involved […]

Teacher "hypnotised" pupils before assaults.

This week in my local paper, The Watford Observer, there was an article about a man who had sexually abused young boys by hypnotising them. The articles headline was “Teacher “hypnotised” pupils before assaults”. This story was picked up by at least one national and several regional papers who again repeated the belief that the […]

The act of driving is 95% subconscious……..

Imagine a square. The square represents a supermarket car park with the bottom right hand corner being the car park exit and the top left hand corner being the car park entrance. You can only access the car park from one direction, by approaching from the bottom right hand corner, passing the exit, doing a […]

ITV This Morning Hypnotist – fears & phobias with hypnotherapy

On ITV's This Morning show today was a lady who had an intense fear of toilets, it wasn't the germs or sitting on them that frightened her, just the toilet itself. She spent an hour with a hypnotist and after the hypnotherapy she opened the door to a toilet, lift up the toilet seat and act […]

World Mental Health Day – Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

Today is World Mental Health Day and I'm pleased that so far I've heard and read mentions of it in some of the press. As I believe that every thought, feeling or emotion that we experience at a subconscious level manifests itself somehow in our physical body, the importance of mental health can't be stressed enough (no […]

Hypnotherapy Hypnosis for Dementia – University of Liverpool

A recent study at The University of Liverpool has shown that people suffering from Dementia have benefited greatly by having hypnotherapy sessions. Many areas of their lives were improved including concentration, memory and social skills. Hypnosis therapy for Dementia – University of Liverpool study This is wonderful news as many people refuse to accept the […]