Why is hypnotherapy so effective?

Hypnotherapy can be much more effective in bringing about a permanent and profound change because it works with our subconscious mind, as opposed to our conscious mind. Traditional psychotherapy is generally much less effective, much more costly and takes a lot more time than hypnosis because it works with conscious thought. You would sit there and talk […]

Monday Launch

From next Monday I will come up with a weekly suggestion for those that know the “eye-lock” technique which is a light state of hypnosis. Many of my clients are aware of this method of self-hypnosis, and it is a really good way of giving yourself positive, beneficial suggestions which are accepted by the subconscious […]

How could hypnotherapy help with physical complaints? Pt 2.

There is a massive mind-body connection. If we feel fantastic, we are more likely to whizz around getting things done, we have more energy, we sleep better, our posture improves, we have a more positive and enthusiastic outlook on life and our brain & body performs much better. If we feel crappy and depressed, we are less […]

How could hypnotherapy help with physical complaints? Pt 1.

Please be aware that hypnotherapy does not make you bionic or indestructible, it helps accelerate any desired thoughts or feelings to become beliefs at a subconscious level. Any physical complaint that you have or notice MUST be investigated and looked at by a Doctor first. I am not a Doctor nor do I offer medical […]

Cannabis and mental illness.

A recent inquiry in to the effects of cannabis smoking and mental illness has shown that 8 out of 10 first episode psychiatric disorders occurred in those who were heavy cannabis users. The report listed no fewer than 400 different scientific studies that point to links between use of cannabis, illness and destructive behaviour. Can hypnotherapy help? […]