Hypnosis is dangerous and illegal in the wrong hands.

by Dave Sabat 18 July 2011

Hypnosis should only be used by licensed medical professionals. This means that only doctors and psychiatrists should be able to use the incredible powers of hypnosis. In the wrong hands it can be a dangerous and, in some cases, illegal practice. Fortunately, a video clip of some unauthorised and illegal use of hypnosis has surfaced and […]

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Why the “Martians” were happily stuck in a trance.

by Dave Sabat 7 June 2011

“Three Martains left in a trance” makes a great headline and creates a lot of publicity for the stage hypnotist involved but were they really “stuck” in hypnosis? No, of course they weren’t. The answer is in the article (click here for the full piece) which states “We asked them if they knew what had […]

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Mr Universe trains his mind as well as his body

by Dave Sabat 1 April 2011

Neale Cranwell, Mr Universe and Mr World (World Class bodybuilder), has recently started to enjoy the benefits of training his mind with sports hypnosis before he embarks on his first year on the pro-circuit which means entering (and going there to win!) events around the world. Neale regularly appears on The Active Channel and is the […]

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Be happy and live longer.

by Dave Sabat 2 March 2011

Happiness. Is it worth the effort? Big subject, loads of opinions and lots of unanswered questions. What is happiness? Well, it’s simply taking charge of your own thoughts and what they mean to you. Your thoughts become emotions which then manifest physically as feelings or actions. What’s the point of being happy? Simply, it’s a choice. […]

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BBC Late Kick Off Brentford Goalkeeper Richard Lee – Sports Hypnosis

by Dave Sabat 18 January 2011

BBC Late Kick Off recently featured Brentford Goalkeeper Richard Lee singing the praises of sports hypnosis after working with me. Chappers interviewed Richard and saw a session in action. Catch the episode quickly on BBC iPlayer What is hypnosis and what does it involve? Hypnosis is the quickest way of installing new habits and beliefs with […]

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BBC Local News London & South East Hypnosis Hypnotherapist.

by Dave Sabat 17 January 2011

I was featured on the BBC Regional News programme today showing the work I’ve done with professional goalkeeper Richard Lee (Brentford). If I can help you in any way, give me a call on 01923 243 500. You can keep up to date with the latest hypnotherapy info on any of the links below: Hypnosis […]

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Prozac? Put it in tap water.

by Dave Sabat 13 January 2011

Are you sitting comfortably? Dr. Keith, who writes for The Sun newspaper, says that “Antidepressants can help with so many medical problems that perhaps we should be thinking about putting them in tap water“. I’m glad you were sitting down and hope that you didn’t fall off your chair after reading that. Sit comfortably again […]

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Dave’s December Deals

by Dave Sabat 9 December 2010

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, the yearly binge and purge, pleasure and guilt cycle gets closer. “It’s Christmas, I can eat and drink whatever I want” followed by a January 1st internal voice saying “I’ve got to stop eating whatever I want, drink less, stop smoking, get down the gym and lose […]

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I used to have a fear of flying…

by Dave Sabat 2 December 2010

I received a postcard recently. “Dear Dave, Did not want to chance posting this from Cuba as you may never have received it. I had a fantastic holiday, the first in years that I actually enjoyed and relaxed as I was not uptight the whole time worrying about the flight home! All my fears of flying have […]

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Richard Lee talks about hypnosis for improved sports performance.

by Dave Sabat 6 October 2010

Professional goalkeeper Richard Lee has recently seen his sports and football performances improve for the better quite dramatically by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy with me, Dave Sabat. This is no exageration; in the four matches played since working with me he has been involved in two cup penalty shoot-outs, making fantastic saves to take his team […]

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Derren Brown – Hero at 30,000 feet

by Dave Sabat 9 September 2010

Hm-mm, I watched this and must admit to mixed feelings. Derren Brown is someone who I find incredibly entertaining, his “tricks” using misdirection, showmanship etc. mostly leave me amazed and gobsmacked but as a fan I felt pretty let down. There were no “whoa” moments for me, none. Derren’s use of traditional hypnosis is obvious to […]

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How strong are your emotional foundations?

by Dave Sabat 6 September 2010

Many people go through life justifying to themselves why they must do something or have to do something. It is always better to want to do something as opposed to thinking that we must do something, but our reasons for doing a certain thing very often are for others or the benefit of others. Whilst this can be […]

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Hypnosis, Football and Gloucester City.

by Dave Sabat 11 August 2010

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years in its various guises but during the last 30 years or so it seems to have been given even more different terms, titles and disguises. Virtually every sportsman uses a mental rehearsal process, notice the start of […]

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Vitamin Water – or is it?

by Dave Sabat 11 August 2010

Hypnosis is when the subconscious mind takes on board a suggestion that common sense would usually reject. Advertisers use this theory of hypnosis all the time to market their products, some of it is blatant, some not so blatant. How does a company market a product that is little more than sugary water when most […]

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by Dave Sabat 28 July 2010

Attitude “The longer I live, the more I realise the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, […]

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There aren’t many people that I pay attention to….

by Dave Sabat 22 July 2010

….because a lot of the self-help world seems to consist of paying someone else to show you how put your faith in something or someone else rather than take responsibility for your own actions and, most importantly, showing you how to take charge of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Me? I’m one of the few […]

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Please change the link address……….

by Dave Sabat 20 July 2010

Having re-vamped this blog from the old style, the link address has changed slightly. I know some people use the feed from my blog on their own blog or website and many people have added my blog in the list of their favourites or on their blogroll, and I thank all of you for that. […]

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Putting a face to a name……..

by Dave Sabat 19 July 2010

I’ve just updated my website exuberancehypno.co.uk and dabbled with youtube for the first time. Big plans for the website with loads of pages to go up over the coming months. For those of you that like to put a face to a name, here is an introduction to me and my website: Be happy, Dave. […]

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