The subconscious mind and football referees

Never mind where the ref was born or who he supports, some referees’ decisions are made at a primal, subconscious level a new study has found.

The Referees’ calls biased by direction of play article shows that at a subconscious level a foul is more likely to be awarded based on the way the ref was taught to read.

I absolutely maintain that we are still very primal beings and so little of our lives is under conscious control and, apparently, so is a football referees.

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“Conduct Disorder” causes anti-social behaviour.

I am not the world’s biggest fan of the psychiatric establishment that issues lables for any emotion and “diagnoses” life’s ups and downs as “conditions” treatable only by the drugs that they prescribe.

Today in the Daily Mail, an article states that “antisocial behaviour in teenagers may be due to brain abnormalities that cause them to be aggressive, according to a new study.”

Oh, that’s fine then. Apparently friends of the psychiatrists that have invented the term “Conduct Disorder” have found that brain scans indicate that those with “Conduct Disorder” have an irregular brain activity. So, have a child, let the state scan the brain of your child and pump them full of drugs for the rest of their lives. Hmmm, maybe not.

This bit of propoganda I couldn’t quite get the gist of? “Dr Andy Calder from the MRC Unit, who led the research, said: “We know it costs the government ten times as much to support a child with conduct disorder into adulthood, compared to a normal child.” How and why does it?

The report goes on to say “There are few effective conduct disorder treatments, so collaborative research like this, which really sheds light on the brain processes behind why and how these disorders emerge, is really important if we’re to help sufferers and their families.”

“Professor Ian Goodyer, co-author on the paper and  Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said: ‘This work breaks new ground in our understanding of the neurobiology of one of the most prevalent and difficult mental health problems in our society.”

Professor Goodyer, please stay away from my kids. How about the concept that upbringing and society play a part in a child’s mental and emotional state? How about the influence of parents? How about the fact that not everyone on this planet needs to accept that life’s ups and downs need medicating? How about the fact that some people might disagree that a child should be labeled for life and pumped full of drugs, and that they would prefer to seek help from someone that inspires positive change rather than a life sentence from a psychiatrist? How about the fact that not everyone wants to be labeled a victim or sufferer?

Be happy, it really, really is easier than you think (and you don’t need drugs)!


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Resolution Magic – acknowledging the past and letting it go

There are many forms of psychotherapeutic intervention to help people move on in their lives and some of those say that there is absolutely no reason to find out why you feel the way you do, there is no need to address the cause, just focus on now and cope. I totally disagree. I am a great believer, I see it every week with my clients, with addressing the cause rather than just coping and therefore releasing any negative thoughts or feelings connected with the past.

Time is not a great healer, it just buries all the emotional garbage and events that you don’t want to face. Sometimes the emotions resurface many years after the original event occurred.

This Daily Mail article is about a woman who buried / carried emotions for 33 years before letting them go.

It’s OK to grieve, it’s OK to be emotional and my belief is that only when you acknowledge the past can you truly move on. This is where my expertise helps many people. What would you rather do, spend your life coping or just move on?

Be happy,


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Updated hypnotherapy blog……

I’ve switched from my old blog software to WordPress and after a lot of tweaking have sussed out (I hope) how to post so here we go!

I really have been neglecting the blogging side recently but have come up with a schedule to really get going with posts and I am aiming to become the number one blog for those that want a common sense, bulls**t free, honest opinion about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and what can be achieved.

As humans we are capable of so much yet we tend to experience only a fraction of our capabilities and I am convinced (I do it for a living!) that when we unlearn a lot of the nonsense that we are taught we really can move on, change how we feel and really start enjoying our lives.

If life is not a rehearsal then this moment is the performance. You don’t need to spend years in therapy re-learning how to live, you just need a bit of honest advice shouted at you from the wings of life’s stage.

Be happy,


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Latest testimonials

Being self-employed, receiving these notes and thank-you’s, whether they are OK’ed to be used as testimonials or not, is like an employed person getting a pat on the back from the Chairman! It is always lovely to hear clients telling me and others about how good they feel after the session(s) and how the “talking” in the office manifests in to “doing” in a positive way after the session. Thanks to everyone that took the couple of minutes to complete and send back the feedback sheet.


Here is what people, just like you, have said (permission given to be used as testimonials).



Thank you very much Dave! You have helped me to get over my anxiety and I haven’t had any problems at work. In addition, I have been able to go out with friends and enjoy myself again.



Following a sudden physical trauma when my mum was hospitalised, she suffered physically and psychologically. She went from being a social, outgoing woman who enjoyed her bingo & always went to church, to becoming afraid of being alone & not happy to go out, generally incredibly anxious and unhappy with her situation.


After reading an article about Exuberance & Dave Sabat’s hypnotherapy (even though I was a little sceptical) I asked my mum if she would be prepared to give it a go. She said “yes, I will try anything”. The rest is history.


She saw Dave three times and she was the mum she had always been. Two years down the line and there is no stopping her. 85 years old and out at the bingo & back to church!


Thank you Dave from all of us



I came to see you over a year ago for a one-off weight loss session as I was not happy with my size but my big problem was picking & snacking on chocolate bars.


It was brilliant! Straight after my session I felt different and it was a joy to see the difference. Now, a year on, and I am my perfect weight, shape and size and it’s still so easy. I have three meals a day and if I am hungry between I still have fruit. I drink loads of water and feel great with lots more energy.


Thank you and I have given your number to lots of people.



Before I came to see Dave I was terrified by spiders, I would be “frozen to the spot” and unable to deal with them or get rid of them. It had become a real problem as I’d just moved into a new house which seemed to be overrun by them.


Dave listened and was extremely helpful. After seeing him I felt amazing. Now, whenever I see a spider, I know I can deal with it calmly and confidently. I am no longer terrified by them and have been able to get close to them and dispose of them in a way I never would have been able to before.



Hi Dave. I definitely found hypnotherapy extremely beneficial and noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels and improvement in my general well-being.


Keep up the good work.



Before I came to see you I was feeling very low, withdrawn, my relationship had ended and basically thought my life had ended.


Coming to see you the few times I did helped me so much, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, hypnotherapy kind of put things in perspective for me. What you did was fantastic, thank you.


p.s. I’m now happy, confident and I have such a positive outlook on life.




Thanks to everyone that took a moment to complete the feedback sheet, thanks to those of you that will and if anyone has any news of successes that they would like to share either from recent work with me or from years ago, please feel free to let me know.


Be happy,



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Hypnotherapy testimonials

Lose weight while you sleep with hypnotherapy

Yet again, the national newspapers are reporting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy with weight loss. This lady lost weight, she slimmed from a size 22 to a size 11, using the power of hypnosis.

If you want to become your ideal weight, shape and size, give me a call on 01923 243500 now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but now. Time passes anyway so stop making excuses and call now.

Be happy,



FREE Hypnosis FREE Hypnotherapy FREE Self-hypnosis

This is really simple. The Hypnosis World Summit is offering you the opportunity to listen to some of the world’s leading hypnotists and hypnotherapists for free. FREE. Nothing. Nada.

Sign up now, it only takes a moment. 

Listen to one or all of the sessions, it’s your choice, for free.

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Hypnotherapy "Recession Busting Rates" offer finishes April 30th.

Since the new year I've offered a substantial discount off of the usual hourly rate which has enabled many people to take advantage of improving their lives for less! However, one man does not an economy make and whilst I have done my bit to put some money back in to the UK economy, the offer ends on the 30th April 2010.

The investment on your part for any work that we do together will go back up to the rate that I have been charging since 2008 which still represents massive value for money compared to long term counselling and the vast majority of the other therapeutic models.

Be happy,


Why taking a nap can make you smarter!

Ever battled against a mid-day snooze? Maybe that’s your brain telling you it needs to empty the in-box of brain emails! Napping could make you smarter and this great news article tells you why.

Brain emails

Having had an elderly relative suffer from Dementia, the later part where it is explained that sometimes people don’t know why they feel so good or why they feel happy, should be of comfort to anyone with a relative suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Hypnosis is also a wonderfully quick way of learning how to power-nap even more effectively.

Be happy, even if you don’t quite know why you are!


Power nap hypnosis


Lose weight and lose diabetes.

Many people only focus on the superficial benefits of losing weight but there are many other “hidden” benefits including physical strength, having more energy as well as reducing the risk of diabetes, perhaps even eliminating it completely.

Sunny Marbella or Sunny Watford? You don’t have to travel far to become your ideal weight, shape and size. If you want a hand to take back control of your life and food then give me a call on 01923 243500. When? Now.

Be happy,


Lose weight with hypnotherapy

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A man meets a guru in the road. The man asks the guru, “Which way is success?”

The robed, bearded sage speaks not, but points to a place off in the distance.

The man, thrilled by the prospect of quick and easy success, rushes off in the appropriate direction. Suddenly, there comes a loud “SPLAT.” Eventually, the man limps back, tattered and stunned, assuming he must have misinterpreted the message. He repeats his question to the guru, who again points silently in the same direction.

The man obediently walks off once more. This time the splat is deafening, and when the man crawls back, he is bloody, broken, tattered, and irate. “I asked you which way is success,” he screams at the guru. “I followed the direction you indicated. And all I got was splatted! No more of this pointing! Talk!”

Only then does the guru speak, and what he says is this: “Success IS that way. Just a little PAST splat.”

Be happy,


Clinical Hypnotist

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What is informal hypnosis or conversational hypnosis?

Even in 2010 the definition of hypnosis cannot be agreed upon, even by those who use it, but here is my two bobs worth on informal or conversational hypnosis. Please remember that this is my opinion and, no doubt, some will agree and some will disagree.

Informal hypnosis is sometimes referred to as conversational hypnosis and some would have you believe that anyone can be made to do anything just by the words used by the “influencer”. No formal induction is used, the “influencer” uses specific words and phrases that will bypass the common sense or critical thinking of the person the suggestions are aimed at and, hey presto, result achieved.

This to my way of thinking is simply conversation. Many people and organisations are effectively Persuasion, Influence & Manipulation Practitioners (PIMPS), think of advertisers, politicians, salesmen, normal language protagonists and others but we don’t all eat the same type of chocolate bar, use the same type of washing powder, drive the same type of car or vote for the same political party? Why? Because we all have the ability to reject a suggestion, consciously or subconsciously, that we disagree with.

To define all human interaction and conversation as “hypnosis” is not an idea that I subscribe to. It is simply interaction and conversation. From the beginning of time people have convinced others to part with their money, join their religion or cause, subscribe to their views or buy their product or service. Is that hypnosis or normal human interaction?

Every weekend millions of people end up sleeping with other people that they only met hours before, throughout the world people are strapping explosives to their bodies and killing themselves and others in the name of their cause, people are being conned out of their money with a false promise of fame or wealth and people are buying products or services that they don’t really need and wouldn’t have bought if the salesman hadn’t convinced them to.

Was every person, referred to above, who got their way a hypnotist? No, of course not.

There is a world of difference between chatting up someone with a view to sleeping with them, even though the other person may not be of the same mindset initially, there is a world of difference between convincing someone to blow themselves up and convincing someone to do good things for themselves and others, there is a world of difference between selling someone a product or service that they don’t really need knowing that “bad” business has been written and it will probably be cancelled in the cooling off period and genuinely showing someone how their life could be improved with a certain product or service and ending up with a genuine “happy” customer.

There are some fantastic persuasion, influence and manipulation trainers out there and they call it just that, persuasion, influence and manipulation.

Conversational or informal hypnosis is, more often than not, complete nonsense and is no more real than the emperor’s new clothes.

If someone tells you that in hypnosis you won’t feel any different from normal waking consciousness, well that’s because you probably haven’t been hypnotised.

Be happy,


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Conversational Hypnosis

Do it anyway.

I stumbled across this little piece on the Internet and it makes absolute sense to me. It is all about doing the right things because you want to, not because others see you do them. It is the difference between being superficial and being true to your own beliefs, it is the difference between telling the world that you give to charity and giving to charity because you want to and keeping the fact that you donated to yourself, it is the difference between being true to yourself and doing things only to get acceptance from others.

Do it anyway

Many of the good and valuable things you do will go unnoticed by everyone else. Do them anyway, because you will know.

Many of the contributions you make will not be fully appreciated by others. Make them anyway, because they’re the right things to do.

It’s great when you receive recognition for the work that you do and the high standards you maintain. Yet even when there is no possibility of recognition, there is still plenty of reason to give your best.

Even when no-one else is watching, you are watching. Even when no-one else appreciates the value of what you are doing, you understand that value.

Your honest, authentic view of yourself influences all that you do. And that view is formed largely when no-one is watching.

Be ever true to yourself and to the values you hold dear. Your life is a living expression of who you truly know you are.

Author unknown.

Be happy and have a great week,


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Attention all Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists

You know how good self-hypnosis is at helping you to make changes but what if you get stuck? What do you do if you need a hand making the changes that you wish to make? Maybe you are a secret smoker? Maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe you’re having relationship issues? Maybe you just need to get motivated and increase your “mojo”? Maybe you just want to recharge your mind? Well then, come and see me, whatever the issue.

I am offering a completely confidential service to those of you who may want or need to make changes in your life and need a hand to do it. I guarantee the same level of confidentiality that I give my clients i.e. you don’t have to acknowledge me on any social networking sites, you don’t have to shake my hand if you see me out of the office, you don’t have to acknowledge my existence, you don’t have to tell anyone that you’ve been to see me, unless you choose to do so.

I am not offering marketing advice or “how to build your business” ideas, if you want that you can pay me three times my standard hourly rate. This is a purely therapeutic session or sessions to get you back on track or to improve on where you are now.

Feel free to call me in confidence to discuss then book an appointment.

Be happy,


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Mum loses weight easily with hypnosis

It's really great when people openly talk about the positive results they get when losing weight with hypnotherapy. This food writer “gave it a whirl” and astonished herself with the wonderful results.

Weight loss results for mum are mesmerising

You could easily become your ideal weight, shape and size when you stop making excuses, start believing in reasons why you can and enjoy the process. It's easier than you think!

Be happy,


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The most powerful hypnotists on the planet are……..

……..advertisers. This is a really clever TV advert from the UK which shows someone recalling advert “hooks” or “slogans” even though the adverts haven't been on the tele for many years. If you accept that hypnosis or hypnotherapy is simply bypassing common sense to ask the subconscious mind to act on an acceptable suggestion, then TV advertisers are the biggest and most powerful group of hypnotists on the planet, followed very closely by the news programmes and political commentators, all of which influence us all in different ways.

And some people are happy to sit in front of the TV for hours every day but are scared to sit with me for an hour, mwahahaha!

Be happy,


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TV and Hypnotherapy