Vitamin Water – or is it?

by Dave Sabat 11 August 2010

Hypnosis is when the subconscious mind takes on board a suggestion that common sense would usually reject. Advertisers use this theory of hypnosis all the time to market their products, some of it is blatant, some not so blatant. How does a company market a product that is little more than sugary water when most […]

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The most powerful hypnotists on the planet are……..

by Dave Sabat 28 December 2009

……..advertisers. This is a really clever TV advert from the UK which shows someone recalling advert “hooks” or “slogans” even though the adverts haven't been on the tele for many years. If you accept that hypnosis or hypnotherapy is simply bypassing common sense to ask the subconscious mind to act on an acceptable suggestion, then […]

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Hypnosis and advertising

by Dave Sabat 25 April 2007

Advertisers spend billions of pounds every year trying to influence our choices when it comes to spending money. Their clever adverts are designed to get into our subconscious so that we quite naturally think of their washing powder or beer or chocolate when we are shopping, and are therefore more likely to buy their products. […]

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