Prozac? Put it in tap water.

Are you sitting comfortably? Dr. Keith, who writes for The Sun newspaper, says that “Antidepressants can help with so many medical problems that perhaps we should be thinking about putting them in tap water“. I’m glad you were sitting down and hope that you didn’t fall off your chair after reading that. Sit comfortably again […]

Antidepressants prescribed too often?

This article from the BBC explains how it has been proven that some people will benefit more from going on a walk than they would by taking antidepressants. Do antidepressants simply mask the cause of the depression and just deal with the symptoms rather than bring about any effective change? Antidepressant prescribing soars Be happy, […]

Anti-depressants don't work – so what does?

A new study conducted by Irving Kirsch at the University of Hull has found that millions of people taking some commonly prescribed anti-depressants, including Prozac, Seroxat and Efexor, may as well be taking a placebo. The study looked at the research data of 47 clinical trials submitted to gain licensing approval. Researchers found that there was […]