Why taking a nap can make you smarter!

by Dave Sabat 15 April 2010

Ever battled against a mid-day snooze? Maybe that’s your brain telling you it needs to empty the in-box of brain emails! Napping could make you smarter and this great news article tells you why. Brain emails Having had an elderly relative suffer from Dementia, the later part where it is explained that sometimes people don’t know […]

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Gambler "cured" by brain surgery.

by Dave Sabat 11 April 2008

In the UK this week it has emerged that a compulsive gambler has had radical brain surgery to cure his “addiction”. Raymond Mandale admitted that he “begged, borrowed, stole and lied” as he spent a year visiting the local bingo hall, playing the fruit machines, and spending between £7,000 and £10,000 of his and his […]

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Friday Fun – Brain training for free

by Dave Sabat 7 March 2008

This is a great little intelligence test and costs nothing. Click on the link below, print off a copy or copies for yourself, family, friends or work colleagues and have fun. When I did this with some of my family, what appeared to be an easy answer for me to find was difficult for others and […]

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How the brain works

by Dave Sabat 7 June 2007

A new book, The Rough Guide to the Brain, tackles some of the mysteries of the brain, I would say the “mind”, and the author, Dr. Barry Gibb, offers explanations of why certain things happen. Advertising really does affect your brain: Brain scans prove it. The brain stores brand information without us even realising it, […]

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