NHS Drug Free Hernia Operation (Only Hypnosis) – Big Thanks.

by Dave Sabat 19 December 2012

Yesterday (18th December 2012) a para-umbilical hernia repair was carried out at Watford General Hospital as part of the normal NHS routine. The thing that made this different was that it was me being operated on and I didn’t have any drugs. No general or local anaesthetic. The only pain medication was my mind because […]

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Hypnosurgery live – Hernia operation with hypnosis only

by Dave Sabat 4 January 2008

Hypnotherapy in its various forms has been used effectively as a powerful alternative to traditional anaesthetic for hundreds of years. This video clip is of a programme on More 4 which featured a man having a hernia operation using only the power of his mind to control the “pain”. It's extremely interesting, is pretty well balanced […]

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