Attention all Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists

by Dave Sabat 12 January 2010

You know how good self-hypnosis is at helping you to make changes but what if you get stuck? What do you do if you need a hand making the changes that you wish to make? Maybe you are a secret smoker? Maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe you’re having relationship issues? Maybe you just […]

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ITV This Morning Hypnotist – fears & phobias with hypnotherapy

by Dave Sabat 5 February 2009

On ITV's This Morning show today was a lady who had an intense fear of toilets, it wasn't the germs or sitting on them that frightened her, just the toilet itself. She spent an hour with a hypnotist and after the hypnotherapy she opened the door to a toilet, lift up the toilet seat and act […]

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The Hypnotist on Talksport….

by Dave Sabat 28 November 2008

…. did a good job of explaining how the mind body connection works and that we could all achieve much more than we think we can by tapping in to our subconscious. He also discussed many of the areas of our lives that we could possibly improve including pain relief, motivation and sports performance amongst […]

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Dalziel and Pascoe and the evil hypnotist!

by Dave Sabat 14 May 2007

On BBC1 last night was the second part of Dalziel and Pascoe and the villain of the piece ended up being a woman hypnotherapist who made people do things that they didn't want to do or were unaware that they were doing it. We also saw a male stage hypnotist walk in and out of […]

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