How does it feel to be hypnotised (hypnotized)?

by Dave Sabat 9 January 2008

It feels wonderful! I've discussed in previous posts how we pop in and out of the state of hypnosis many times during the day anyway, but in a therapeutic sense when hypnosis is formally induced the vast majority of my clients feel more relaxed than they have been in years. The best way to describe the “feeling”, although […]

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What stops someone being hypnotised? (hypnotized)

by Dave Sabat 12 September 2007

Fear or the simple fact that they don't want to be hypnotised. If someone does not allow themselves to be hypnotised, they won't be. The fear of hypnosis usually means that someone is afraid that they will say or do something that they don't want to say or do, when of course no-one can be made […]

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Can anyone be hypnotised (hypnotized)?

by Dave Sabat 15 August 2007

Yes, virtually. If you are of a normal intelligence and can follow simple instructions then you can be guided into a state of hypnosis. This means that very young children, elderly people who are no longer in charge of their faculties and people who are suffering from severe mental illness are generally contraindicated. Be happy, […]

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