Can hypnotherapy help you to stop smoking?

Yesterday in the Daily Mail was an extract from a book written by a couple of scientists investigating whether alternative therapies work. For a start, I 've always considered hypnotherapy to be complimentary as opposed to alternative, and I'm all for hypnotherapy distancing itself away from some of the other alternative therapies out there such […]

Is Champix (Chantix) really a wonder drug to stop smoking?

Several months ago in the UK Champix was launched with the fanfare of being a wonder drug to help people stop smoking (Champix is marketed as Chantix in the USA). You can see my thoughts about its launch in a previous post Since then, quite a few people have been noticing side-effects possibly because of […]

Break the smoking habit with hypnotherapy

The frenzy surrounding the forthcoming smoking ban in England seems to be reaching fever pitch with the usual nonsense about smoking being spouted in certain articles so I thought I could clear up a couple of points about cigarette smoking. 1) Smoking tobacco is addictive. No, it's not. Smoking is a habit. Ever been to someones house for a party […]

Cannabis and mental illness.

A recent inquiry in to the effects of cannabis smoking and mental illness has shown that 8 out of 10 first episode psychiatric disorders occurred in those who were heavy cannabis users. The report listed no fewer than 400 different scientific studies that point to links between use of cannabis, illness and destructive behaviour. Can hypnotherapy help? […]