Football Goalkeeper Motivation CD’s – Order Now to Enter The Free Prize Draw.

by Dave Sabat 5 December 2011

OK, let’s start from scratch. At the start of last season, professional football goalkeeper Richard Lee was way down the pecking order at Brentford FC in the goalie’s position but finished the season with a Player of the Season award and much praise for his cup heroics and his penalty saving skills. He subsequently cemented his […]

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Mr Universe trains his mind as well as his body

by Dave Sabat 1 April 2011

Neale Cranwell, Mr Universe and Mr World (World Class bodybuilder), has recently started to enjoy the benefits of training his mind with sports hypnosis before he embarks on his first year on the pro-circuit which means entering (and going there to win!) events around the world. Neale regularly appears on The Active Channel and is the […]

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Richard Lee talks about hypnosis for improved sports performance.

by Dave Sabat 6 October 2010

Professional goalkeeper Richard Lee has recently seen his sports and football performances improve for the better quite dramatically by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy with me, Dave Sabat. This is no exageration; in the four matches played since working with me he has been involved in two cup penalty shoot-outs, making fantastic saves to take his team […]

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Hypnosis, Football and Gloucester City.

by Dave Sabat 11 August 2010

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years in its various guises but during the last 30 years or so it seems to have been given even more different terms, titles and disguises. Virtually every sportsman uses a mental rehearsal process, notice the start of […]

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