Nescafe Hypnotist – Brilliant TV Advert

This is a delightful TV advert that us finger snappers will really appreciate. It works on so many levels when you consider the product and the message. I’d actually say that it’s one of the best ads I’ve seen and certainly one of the very few that blatantly uses hypnosis as its basis. Would you […]

BBC Inside Out Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

On the BBC recently was a programme called Inside Out which put hypnotherapy and hypnosis under the spotlight and the reporter showed how he could obtain qualifications for his cat. The question was raised “How do you know if you are seeing someone who knows what they are doing?”, and I’ll cover that in a […]

ITV Tonight – Age Before Beauty – Women and negative thoughts

The Tonight programme on ITV recently featured women who constantly have negative thoughts about themselves. It was called “Age Before Beauty” and focused on the negative thoughts women have about their bodies as they get older. Age Before Beauty Many people who visit me to feel better about themselves start off by saying “Dave, I […]

ITV This Morning Hypnotist – fears & phobias with hypnotherapy

On ITV's This Morning show today was a lady who had an intense fear of toilets, it wasn't the germs or sitting on them that frightened her, just the toilet itself. She spent an hour with a hypnotist and after the hypnotherapy she opened the door to a toilet, lift up the toilet seat and act […]

Sex, Lies and Hypnosis – Ursula James

Last night on CH5 was a programme called “Sex, Lies and Hypnosis” featuring hypnotherapist Ursula James. The aim of the episode was to help a couple, Clair and Woody, overcome their emotional issues which were effectively destroying the relationship as opposed to making it better. Ursula spoke about the destructive issues as being symptoms and stressed […]