Lose weight and lose diabetes.

Many people only focus on the superficial benefits of losing weight but there are many other “hidden” benefits including physical strength, having more energy as well as reducing the risk of diabetes, perhaps even eliminating it completely. http://www.diabetes.co.uk/news/2010/Apr/gastric-band-hypnosis-beat-diabetes-and-led-to-weight-loss-96128273.html Sunny Marbella or Sunny Watford? You don’t have to travel far to become your ideal weight, shape […]

Mum loses weight easily with hypnosis

It's really great when people openly talk about the positive results they get when losing weight with hypnotherapy. This food writer “gave it a whirl” and astonished herself with the wonderful results. Weight loss results for mum are mesmerising You could easily become your ideal weight, shape and size when you stop making excuses, start believing […]