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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Treatments Issues Disorders


Exuberance Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis is a Practice and Clinic run by Dave Sabat, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnotist. A general overview of treatments, issues and disorders that could be helped are listed here.

The following list is by no means exhaustive but an indication of how hypnosis and hypnotherapy may help with certain conditions. Please note that hypnotherapy is not in itself a medically diagnostic technique and the purpose of any talking therapy is to help with the mindset of the client. If stress can have a negative physical impact then reducing stress & anxiety must be beneficial. You are strongly advised to seek professional medical advice for any pain or ailment and, if appropriate, then consider clinical hypnotherapy.

Abuse - if you have suffered emotional, sexual or physical abuse it can affect your life massively in many negative ways. It is entirely possible to let go of the unhelpful and negative associations from the past so that you can set yourself free emotionally.

- any drug addiction, whether it is alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, pain killers or cannabis can have a devastating effect on the sufferer and those close to them. There is no such thing as an addictive personality, only a desire to numb unwanted thoughts, feelings or emotions with distraction techniques (drugs), or a simple choice to indulge.

Alcohol - issues with alcohol can vary from having gone from a glass of wine after work to a bottle of wine after work, binge drinking and alcoholism. At any level, when you feel that alcohol controls you, whether it is a glass of wine or a bottle of vodka, clinical hypnotherapy with Dave Sabat could help you get control back.

Anxiety - yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, enjoy today. Many people fill their mind with "what if" thoughts that could suppress the immune system by being constantly in a state of worry. Get to the stage where whatever happens, you'll handle it.

Binge Drinking - the issue here is not the drinking, it's why someone is drinking. Alcohol provides a temporary release from reality and unwanted feelings but along with the hangover comes the return of the underlying cause. If you do things when drunk that you would not do when sober, and use alcohol as the excuse, you could have a problem.

Children's Issues - including bed wetting (enuresis), ADHD, Opposition Defiance Disorder and Thumb Sucking.

Confidence & Self Esteem - a lack of confidence or feelings of low self-esteem can affect people quite drastically. Hypnotherapy can boost your feelings about yourself very quickly, bringing welcome changes and giving you back control of your thoughts and feelings.

Corporate - schemes are available for those companies wishing to increase employee welfare and job satisfaction by sponsoring or part-sponsoring treatments for their staff, mainly the Smoking Cessation and Stress Reduction sessions but any requirements can be discussed to achieve an individual solution to your needs.

Depression - still quite a taboo subject, many people will suffer some level of depression in their lives. Medication can control the symptoms but fails to address the cause and new research is showing that people who use hypnotic techniques to overcome depression are less likely to relapse than people on medication. Please note that under no circumstances would you be advised to discontinue any form of medication prescribed to you by your GP if you are currently taking medication.

Fears & Phobias - are you scared of cats, spiders, heights, flying, the dentist, the dark, dogs, water, needles, intimacy, thunderstorms, loud noises or anything else?  

Fertility/IVF/Childbirth - as long as there is no physical reason to stop you becoming pregnant, hypnotherapy could boost your chances of conception by discovering any underlying stresses or concerns. You may want a baby but your subconscious mind may have other ideas! How would you like to give birth without the "heavy" drugs and be aware of your baby's first moments in a natural, drug free state of mind?

Habits & Disorders - treatments available include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Insomnia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Thumb Sucking, Snoring, Nail Biting or Mouth/Cheek biting amongst others.

Immune System - your immune system can be boosted as you imagine yourself fighting back against unwelcome intruders. This can give a person an incredible belief that they can recover and survive. Everyone agrees that stress is bad and has a negative effect on the physical body therefore inner peace and calmness is good, right?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - it has been proven that hypnotherapy can assist greatly, and is probably the best method of overcoming IBS. Uncovering and visualisation techniques allow you to regain control.

Memory & Learning - whether you want to remember facts or calm your exam nerves, please call.

Pain Relief - pain is nature's way of telling us that something is wrong, so under no circumstances would the pain be completely removed, but, your own mind can be taught how to greatly reduce the pain and make it manageable. It is essential that you see your GP first to establish the cause of any pain and once the source is known, and it is deemed appropriate to use hypnotherapy, pain relief and management could be achieved. Hypnotherapy may be extremely beneficial when used for dental or surgical preparation.

Panic Attacks - about a third of A&E admissions with people showing heart attack symptoms are actually people experiencing panic attacks. A loop is created by sufferers who worry about having an attack, which creates a panic, which makes an attack more likely, which creates more worry etc. Successful treatment means finding the cause and fixing it.

Personal Growth & Improvement - assertiveness, creativity, emotional calm, motivation, patience, confident public speaking, overcoming road rage, anger management etc.

Relationship Issues - issues dealt with include jealousy, dealing with divorce, getting over a relationship, rebuilding trust and overcoming possessiveness.

Relaxation - this is hypnotherapy 101. Technically, relaxation has nothing to do with hypnotherapy & hypnotherapy is not relaxation but when relaxation is focused on, hypnotherapy could help you become more relaxed than perhaps you've ever been.

Self-hypnosis - would you like to be able to relax, give yourself appropriate positive suggestions, and feel great when you want to feel great? Relax and recharge, allow stress and tension to disappear, whenever you want or need to.

Skin Conditions - overcome blushing, psoriasis, eczema or warts.

Smoking Cessation - Stop, give-up or quit smoking quickly, safely and naturally

Sports Improvement - the subconscious mind is the greatest goal achieving device known to mankind, learn how to use it to your advantage!

Stress Reduction - stress affects us in many ways, both mentally and physically. By reducing your stress level, and learning how to manage it, you can become much more in control of your life and feel much better. Stress reduction techniques are used in virtually every hypnotherapy session that Dave does, for whatever condition, because it has such a massive impact in how we behave and think.

Weight Loss - most diets fail because they go against our desire to eat foods we like and are only seen as a short term option. Various techniques are used to enable you to become your ideal weight, shape and size.

"We are as we believe ourselves to be."

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